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Jared Estrada – Personal Trainer in Gilbert

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Jared Estrada – Personal Trainer in Gilbert

Personal Trainer in Gilbert – My name is Jared Estrada, I am a nationally accredited certified personal trainer, nutritionist, & kickboxing instructor here to help make fitness enjoyable and guide each individual toward their own path to living a healthy and balanced body and mind. I been in the fitness world for 20+ years so if you are looking for a real mentor to guide you through your journey, providing you with more insight that you can’t get anywhere else than look no further. My father built the foundation to my mind-body which lead me to many different styles of physical fitness. I blended together to create my own unique path for fitness & living a healthy lifestyle.

I help my clients adopt health & fitness as a lifestyle, helping each build their foundation so that they can create their own unique path. I blend different training styles and techniques that I found effective over my 18 years of personal experience as a competitive and non-competitive athlete. My athletic background consists of: Gymnastics, Kenpo, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Competitive Powerlifting, Bodybuilding (Men’s Physique), Kickboxing, and Calisthenic Strength Training.

Personal Training Skills
  • Bodybuilding 100 %
  • Calisthenics 100 %
  • Powerlifting 100 %
  • Martial Arts 100 %
Personal Training Experience
ISSA-Elite Trainer
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Kickboxing Instructor

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